Maldive Fish Sambol (200g)

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Maldive fish are hot smoked, salted, and dried tuna fish. These fish are being prepared as boneless and hard nearly like a stone and tastes like salty dry fish. The entire recipe like salt where is used in a very small amount. Maldive fish is a common ingredient used mainly for flavoring and thickening and forms the protein component for many dishes, especially in the islands of the Maldives and neighboring Sri Lanka. Maldive fish is used to flavor traditional Asian cuisines and is also prepared as a mouth-watering sambol. It is a staple add-on of the Maldivian and Sri Lankan cuisine, as well as the cuisine of the south Indian territories. Maldive Fish acts as a thickening, flavoring, and the main source of the protein component. It is moreover use an essential ingredient in coconut sambol, which is an affix of Sri Lankan cuisine. In other dishes, it is used in small quantities to flavor the dishes. Normally Maldive fish is being made from tuna fish, its health benefits are the same as tuna. It is a low-fat,high-quality protein that enriches Omega -3 fatty acids. The Omega-3 fatty acids help in preventing irregular heartbeats, which in turn reduces the risks of blood clotting while it is helpful to get numerous proteins and minerals.


Onion (Allium cepa), Maldive fish (Katsuwonus pelamis), Chili (Capsicum annuum), Salt, Sugar, Tomato sauce, Curry Leaves (Murraya koenigii), Rampe Leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius), Vitamin E (E 307), Permitted Preservative (E 202)

Allergen Claim Declaration:

“Contains Maldive fish”, “Processed in a Facility that also processes Nuts, Mustard & Wheat flour”


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