Garlic in Bee Honey for Weight Loss and Immunity Boosting

Consumption of garlic as the first thing in the morning is often recommended for improving digestion and detoxifying the body. Raw garlic has a better nutritive profile than cooked, making the former a better weight loss agent. Honey is fat and cholesterol-free and also helps in curbing hunger pangs. Honey is one of the most wonderful naturally occurring substances known to mankind. Garlic is a common home remedy for a number of health problems and this is due to many beneficial minerals and bioactive compounds found in Garlic.

Boosts immunity

It’s a powerful antibiotic & blood purifier

Fights cold and flu

Gives a boost to the digestive system

Detoxifies the body

Preventing acid reflux

Improved sleep

Protects against brain damage

It protects the heart, Reduces high cholesterol levels, Reduces blood pressure

Take this combination on empty stomach to lose weight fast

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