Black Pepper (Whole) (100g)

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Black Pepper, also normally called pepper, is the perennial climbing vine of the family Piperaceae. This hotly pungent spice is made from its fruits. Black Pepper is native to the Malabar Coast of India and widely cultivated in the Southeast Asian region. It is one of the earliest species known in the world and Pepper became an important article of trade between India and Europe.  Black Paper Widely is being used as the hottest spice around the world for food needs, and also has limited usage in making certain medicines. The plant is widely cultivated throughout Sri Lanka by traditional farmers by using organic methods and has been recognized as one of the best and quality spices in the world.


Black Pepper Corn (Piper nigrum)

Allergen Claim Declaration:

“Processed in a Facility that also processes Maldive fish, Mustard  & Barley”


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